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Happy Clients

Thanks Mrs. Rasha. You are spot on with your comments. I have also found that the spoken word makes a far bigger impression than written. Additionally, with the most of us working online due to the COVID pandemic, one gets to underestimate the value of a personal call.

Silma Marguerite Koekemoer

I was privileged and extremely honored to be part... thank you for imparting that incredible knowledge in us and for inspiring us selflessly.

Ruth Betold

She is the best.

Enactus Egypt

Dr. Rasha taught me the “Leadership in a Changing World” course at the American University in Cairo as a part of my MBA. She spent lots of time coaching me on effective leadership skills. She focused on understanding each individual’s character and personality traits to unleash the leader inside of each one of us. Thanks to her very interesting and interactive teaching methods, I now know when to listen and when to act and more importantly how to act smartly to disrupt others so that they achieve great results under my leadership. The skills she taught me have helped me greatly in my line of business and have helped landing me a promotion in which I am leading high profile accounts for my company. I am eternally grateful to all what Dr.Rasha taught me.

I had the honor to be part of Dr. Rasha Leadership class in my MBA study at AUC. Despite I have the concepts of leadership considering my work practice, but I was amazed by the way Dr. Rasha was able to deliver these concepts in academic way and moreover her great ability to link to practical life using real example from her wealthy work experience. She was able to discuss leadership from perspectives that were totally new for me. All this was conducted in a friendly class environment encouraging participation and sharing experiences. She used to stimulate thinking and enrich discussions. She is my reference in any leadership problem and I hope I could have another chance to learn from her again soon.

Khaled Taher

I have worked with Rasha as she was the Resident Twinning Advisor Counterpart at GAFI and during our cooperation the EC funded Twinning project experienced profound improvements and thanks to Rasha’s continuous professional involvement reached demand driven result oriented outputs. Rasha has excellent analytical skills and I enjoyed working with her.

Tarek Abulzahab

It was great program, specially your inputs was completely different and distinguish. so proud to learn from you

Marwa Ahmed Soliman

What you told me is very inspiring and I still go by your advice to this very day... Thank you for your positive energy you radiate!


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