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Top 50 Women

Im very happy to have joined yesterday the walk of Women Towards New Horizon that was carried by the @top50women

forum at alQobba Palace.

The conference came at a great time to celebrate women leaders and push for gender equality at all layers of management and positions. Surveys show around the world that inclusion of more women in the work place and at the driving positions are good for the economy and the society on the whole.

In my opinion

IT IS ALL A MATTER OF MINDSET of the society then we can see a lot more of women leaders

Women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; this helps make the team environment less authoritative and more cooperative.

In my work in the leadership industry I saw women outperforming men and vice versa. Women as leaders are better in certain traits like emotional and social intelligence, team work, taking initiatives, developing self and developing others, problem solving and powerful communication while men were seen to be more goal and task oriented, more aggressive, powerful, independent and more authoritative.

We work with both on the defficiencies but both make great leaders. It is only a society bias.

Great Job @dina abdelfattah

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