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The year 2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The year 2021 had put new demands on businesses and managers still recovering from the shocks of COVID. As Harvard Business School professors explain, managers and executives will need skills such as empathy, flexibility, learning agility, data-driven decision-making and lean budgeting to succeed in 2022.

This is what we (ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP NETWORK OF HARVARD practitioners) deliver for Corporates, "The Adaptive Leadership" as a framework emerged out of the experiential and collaborative process of diagnosing the leadership failures and successes of hundreds of experienced and less experienced leaders who showed up in the leadership courses at HKS.

The framework evolved with an eye to identifying failing patterns in multinationals, big corporations and is essential to meaningful real leadership development.

Our Adaptive leadership practical training aims at cutting the crap and leading your employees effectively and efficiently through uncertainty

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